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broken and stuff

2011-07-23 17:21:59 by AustinToons

well my toon boom broke somehow so im saving up my money for CS3 so until then no animations even though one was around half done...


2011-04-11 09:03:14 by AustinToons

lets get down to buisness somtime this weekend my 3 friends and i are going to start voicing then production can starton episodes 1,2 and 3.And Edd Gould maybe doing a guest voice,If he respondes with the line asked him to do,but expect episode 1 to be here some time in late july or early to mid august...


2011-03-22 21:18:31 by AustinToons

today is my birthday and got my toon boom animate studio 4,i dont know when i will start but i will!


2011-02-24 19:42:14 by AustinToons

As some of you know im hard at work on A.V and Crew! my series but me and my friend Wesley Warrick are also hard at work on his series "Super -Ant" we are making alot of episodes,a game called super-ant the super game with 45 levels and a feature length movie,I made up some characters, came up with the idea for the game ,voice, and help animate it so look forward to that in the near future!


2011-01-23 10:18:52 by AustinToons

imma getin a website maybe called "" itll have comics every 1 to 2 weeks,doodles and artwork,my=ine,eriks and shanes blog,links to cool stuff that we like,MY CARTOONS!,and a store and one little hush hush suprise as well, im workin on the layouts now but itll be done evntually,im probably gonna get a youtube and twitter too:Dbut for right now heres my fans(jk not really):3


episode 1: teh intro,a short video about what its about
episode 2:Teh beginning of teh beginning: me erik and shane livin in our house when sumthin funny happens
episode 3:Workin 4 teh man:me erik and shane go to work at a resturant to get a video game when a satanic manager tries to kill us.
episode 4: teh time warp:shane makes a time machine and we go back to 1981
episode 5:a big muscular russsian kid wants to beat up me i train lose the fight and i have to use a shoping cart as a wheelchair
halloween special: a flamingo goes into a radioactive pond and me erik and shane must stop it
christmas special:a short christmas episode about what me shane and erik get for christmas
Random tunes/musical tunes:
yellow submarine music video
man and devil baby
A random way to interperet things
this show is not a eddsworld rip off i just draw like him and i always have and 3 panel comics every week or 2 on newgrounds and art when ever im not animatin the first 2 episodes are goin to premerire in early and late april (maybe early may) but when it comes out i hope you enjoy it my early animation might suck cause tis is my first time using a flash animator but it will get better i will use Toonboom animation studio and i will keep you updated every now and then but for now Laters:D

New flash

2011-01-12 21:43:06 by AustinToons

What do you get when you cross the simpsons ed edd n eddy eddsworld south park family guy and 80s pop culture together? you get my new flash animation series"A.V and Crew!"(working title) it goes into pre-production onMarch 23,2011 and scripts are bieng wote as we speak(or read the post whateva


2011-01-02 12:21:31 by AustinToons

there will be nho new art till later this week sorry


2010-12-21 20:34:27 by AustinToons

I should be posting out some new artwork sometime soon after christmas.I draw almost exactly like eddsworld.Always have.Big eyes,no nose,Parka/jacket the works.But anyways,yeah new art comin soon.

I have a idea for a random flash but i dont know how to get a flash maker!!!!!!!!1